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Week 7 and Data Visualization

17 Apr
We’re now in week 7 of our 8 week journey! This week we’ll be looking at some Data Visualization tools that will help both librarians and patrons understand, interpret, and share their data more effectively. ManyEyes, Visual.Ly, and Taxegdo.com are all free, online webtools that can help users to create and share both data and graphic images. We’ll also be exploring how academic libraries can use these tools to analyze information that will benefit their patrons, staff, and members of the broader community. This module has some great exercises set up for you to try out these tools, and also a fun opportunity to set up a great word cloud for your blog. We look forward to reading your reflections and experiences with these data visualization sites and seeing your word clouds!

Unlocking the Power of Google Drive Tools

19 Mar

Hello everyone! We’ve enjoyed these first two weeks and getting to know you through your comments and blogs. If you’re looking through our modules and haven’t yet posted, please take a moment to comment on our pages or send an email, we’d like to be able to communicate and interact with all of our participants! Last week, we looked at some web marketing tools, and now in week 3 we’re ready to explore Data Gathering, using Google Form and Google Spreadsheet. These web-based applications offer innovative ways to receive feedback, and create, edit and share data with your users. Looking forward to reading your reflections on this week’s module and any other thoughts, helpful links or tools you may want to share with the community!