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The “Learning Hub 2.0” project was designed by a group of 7 graduate students at the School of Library Science (SLIS) at San Jose State University who were enrolled in Professor Michael Stephens’ LIBR 281 seminar “Transformative Learning and Technological Literacies” in the Spring 2013 semester.  These students self-selected to work on a learning site for an academic library.

Here is a little more about each of these group members:

terriI’m Terri Artemchik and I am almost halfway through the Post-Master’s Degree Certificate Program at San Jose State University’s SLIS. I obtained my MLIS from Dominican University in IL and am currently working as an Adjunct Librarian at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, IL, where I design and deliver information literacy instruction sessions, create online tutorials regarding the research process, and provide reference services. My research interests include emerging technologies, information literacy, digital services, adult education, and Learning 2.0. To learn more, check out my blog Novel Librarian.

waltI’m Walt Cook, and expect to finish the MLIS program at San Francisco State by the end of this calendar year. I am an attorney and former business executive. I am hoping to leverage my legal and business experience as a law librarian. In addition to taking a class which involves participating in this Learning Hub 2.0 program, I am also taking another more traditional Information Literacy. I am finding that the two courses complement one another nicely. Check out my blog, Walt Cook’s Laws & Libraries, to learn more.

AmberMy name is Amber DelaCruz, and this is my next to last semester in the MLIS program at San Jose State University. I’m looking forward to learning more about, and applying some of the new technologies available via the web for library use. I have my undergraduate degree in Anthropology, Museum Studies, and hope to be able to work in an archival or museum setting one day. I’m currently in my second year of volunteering at the special collections/research library at the local county museum, where I mainly assist researchers and conduct reference interviews, although I have also done some editing and evaluation projects, and assisted with gathering materials for exhibits. To learn more, check out my blog The Cruzin’ Spot.

CindyI am Cindy Moran, and this is my final semester in my MLIS journey. In addition to this class on Transformative Learning and Technological Literacies, I am working on my e-portfolio, which is the culminating project in the program. I have a B.A. in Psychology and English from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Previously, I was a college writing Instructor teaching rhetoric and composition to undergraduates. I have worked in an Academic library part-time for 10 years, providing information literacy instruction and various reference services. Originally from Massachusetts, I currently live in Colorado with my husband and 2 children. To learn more, check out my blog The Moxie Librarian.

mattI’m Matt from San Francisco. My partner Dana, Sally the cat, and I moved from Boston a little over 2 years ago and we’re really enjoying California. I started as a photojournalist, then moved into tech photography for a regarded conservation center, then to Stanford University, and now I’m working for the CDL, the digital library services for the UC system. My partner Dana is a librarian with many years of rare book experience (we moved a lot of books from back east!). To learn more, check out my blog learn stuff.

DinorahMy name is Dinorah Pinelo and this is my 4th year and final semester in the San Jose State University MLIS program. Last semester I completed an internship at a city college library in Los Angeles, which gave me an opportunity to learn about the use of technology and technological needs in an academic library. This semester I’m looking forward to participating in the Learning 2.0 program, exploring emerging technologies that facilitate learning, and taking part in designing a learning program for an academic library. To learn more, check out my blog bibliotecha.

kaylaMy name is Kayla Ramiscal and I expect to finish MLIS at SJSU in December 2013. I received my BA in Economics from Smith College in 2011 and is currently living and traveling around Australia, where I volunteer with sports teams as team manager. I am mostly interested in the relationship between technology and education and enthusiastic about this project. To learn more, check out my blog Loud Librarian.


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