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8th Week Wrap-up!

23 Apr

Welcome to the 8th and final week, as we Wrap Up our training program. You can use this week to get caught up on any modules you may have missed, or to review and further explore modules that were interesting to you. We’d love to hear your thoughts on your experience going through the various modules within our program, or anything you might like to share about Learning 2.0 tools. We appreciate your taking the time to learn with us this semester. Hopefully this is the beginning of new avenues of exploration as we all participate in continual education on the latest technological tools to help us provide information to and interact with our users.


Week 7 and Data Visualization

17 Apr
We’re now in week 7 of our 8 week journey! This week we’ll be looking at some Data Visualization tools that will help both librarians and patrons understand, interpret, and share their data more effectively. ManyEyes, Visual.Ly, and are all free, online webtools that can help users to create and share both data and graphic images. We’ll also be exploring how academic libraries can use these tools to analyze information that will benefit their patrons, staff, and members of the broader community. This module has some great exercises set up for you to try out these tools, and also a fun opportunity to set up a great word cloud for your blog. We look forward to reading your reflections and experiences with these data visualization sites and seeing your word clouds!

Welcome to Week 6!

10 Apr

We’re in week 6 now, and ready to explore the Online Collections module! In week 2 we looked at Flickr and Pinterest from a web marketing perspective. This week we’ll be looking at these programs, along with a number of others, as tools for collections sharing and exhibition.  In addition, this module also examines other important facets of maintaining an online collection, to include online cataloging and discovery, web publishing and collection management, metadata and local content management, assessment of readiness for digital preservation, and copyright. We had a quiet week last week, but no worries, you can explore the modules at your own pace. We’re still reading and ready to respond and interact with all of our participants!

Week 5: Exploring Two Top Trends

3 Apr

Welcome to week 5! This week we’ll be looking at 2 of what ACRL has identified as the top trends in Academic Libraries: eBook Management and Online Chat. In the eBook module, you’ll learn about the open source software program Calibre, which can help users to manage and organize e-book collections, and offers other tools for reformatting and accessing books, newspapers, and magazines. The Online Chat module provides an introduction to Mosio for Libraries and LibAnswers w/ LibChat, two web-based patron support software programs that offer tools to help libraries to connect with users. There is also an optional section that you can explore to find even more options for chat services for your organization. We’ve enjoyed reading your blogs on the modules so far, and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the tools we’re presenting this week!